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Chow Recipe Round Up

“Man that was some good biscuits and gravy!  How do they do that?  The stuff I make out of the box at home never turns out that good.  And what was that herb in there, thyme? Rosemary? 
I dunno, but I wish I did…..”

Has this ever happened to you? You try a dish at a restaurant, love it and desire to cook it for yourself and your biscuit loving family only to be denied by a lack of a recipe!  We feel your pain and are here to help.  Every dish we serve is made from scratch, our recipes are developed by our top flight Chefs and we are happy to share with you, constant customer, for your own culinary adventures.

So here is the deal; if you want a recipe, check out the library below.  We have been cataloging recipes from the 5 Spot, Endolyne Joe’s and the Hi-Life for several years. 

If you don’t see what you are looking for, just shoot us an email and we will do our darndest to accommodate your request.  If you don’t remember exactly what you had, just tell us what you remember and we will figure it out!

p.s. You can’t have the hash brown recipe, sorry, that one is a secret.


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